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Congratulations to our "Smooth Jazz Friends"
                "Artist of The Month"
  Walter Beasley

Over the past three decades, saxophonist, Walter Beasley, has artfully and dynamically redefined the phrase “musical Renaissance Man” for the modern generation. Considered by fans and critics alike as the “heir to Grover Washington, Jr.’s Throne,” Beasley is the acclaimed saxophonist, vocalist, educator, and entrepreneur of the decade. As the highest selling full-time Professor / Recording Artist in history, the Boston-based musician has long mastered an exhilarating high wire act of balancing a successful career as a contemporary jazz recording artist and performer with an equally thriving presence in the field of music education.


Every day, all day, at every Dickey’s, quality meats are smoked in a real pit smoker just as the Dickeys family has been doing since 1941.The hickory wood pit smoker is the heart of every Dickey’s location. It’s what sets us apart. It gives our barbecue that signature smoke flavor – no liquid smoke, no smoke flavored rub – real smoke gives Dickey’s that authentic barbecue flavor. You can't literally eat culture, but it sure is important to how mouthwatering our slow-smoked barbecue is. Our people, pit and practices are as much a part of Dickey's as anything we serve. At Dickey’s we like to call it a barbecue revival. We’re continuing the old style of barbecue using new style pits. Once upon a time they actually dug pits in the ground to smoke meats. Then when above ground pits were developed, the old-school name stuck around. Today the expertise of the Dickey’s Pit Masters are the heart and soul of your experience. They look after the meat while it’s in the pit, on the block and onto your plate. They have the honor of greeting you the second you walk in. They take care of the meat; they take care of the guests. Click Picture To Go To Website

2113 Old Hudson Rd. St. Paul in The Sun-Ray Mall ·(651) 204-1625 (Catering and Delivery)
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  We are a jazz and arts based component that utilizes our radio station to inform, educate, and engage listeners in community and global actions, issues, services, and philosophies. As a community based entity, we want to provide an alternative radio presence and serve our local businesses and agencies as well as introduce them to a greater listening audience. We also support local functions and welcome community input into our programming, and production components.
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Minneapolis Urban League
Urban Tech Jobs Program

The Urban Tech Jobs Program (UTJP) is an accelerated technology training program that is exclusively designed for unemployed and under-employed adults.  The customizable program include Job Readiness and Resiliency workshops, certificate or license bearing technology training classes, and paid work based training.  As a result of graduating from the program, participants will be able to compete for jobs in a high demand and growing industry.


Protecting all Minnesotans from the Dangers of Tobacco
Phone: (651) 646-3005

Join world renown Author Don S. McClure

One of the most prolific Authors of our time

Every Friday for his Blog Talk Radio Show.



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