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Artist of The Month

We take pride in the music we broadcast and the Musicians that make it possible. We also salute artists of all kinds, from everywhere. 

Artist of The Month
To acknowledge the Birthday month of the greatest man and musician on the planet. We do not need to tell you anything about this man except that he will live in our hearts and minds forever.


Holly Hollister-Smith, Chloe Publishing and Interfaith Business Development in the release of FINANCIAL FITNESS THE LORD'S WAY. 

FINANCIAL AND SPIRITUAL GUIDE TO UNLOCKING THE FINANCIAL CHAINS. Since 2008, Holly has been committed to teaching financial and spiritual literacy in the Twin Cities to empower the community to understand God's Word and their financial journey is together. Financial Fitness the Lord's Way will give you a wealth of biblical and financial information to strengthen your journey so you can break the financials chains.  Read More Here

September 2017

As famous as the Tuskegee Airmen are today, these pioneering aviators endured decades of unjust racial prejudice and mistreatment, even as war heroes returning home. These men, through their superlative service during World War II, paved the way for the desegregation of the military and for the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. 

Dr. Brown’s time in the education system and other life experiences serve as an example of how one can persevere in a world not friendly or accommodating to their dreams.

Dr. Brown is 92 years young and currently resides in Port Clinton, Ohio.

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August 2017    

      World Renown Author 

          Don S. McClure

One of the most prolific Authors of our time Every Friday for his 

Blog Talk Radio Show.