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Community is at the forefront of all that we do. We assist and engage in community activities  via our radio network as the vehicle to present real-time information and assistance to communities in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. 

High School Re-Enrollment Support/Outreach/Retention

Wesley Smith:  Founder & Program Director


The Aurora St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation (ASANDC) purpose is to address the needs of neighborhood quality of life issues, advocacy, organizing and community economic and housing development.

Our mission is to foster positive relationships within and between neighborhoods, and to support its community members in effecting their choices relative to the quality of life in their neighborhoods.774 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104 (651) 222-0399

We continuously convene community members. We find ways to collaborate for social change. We champion policies and practices that support strong black families.

  • We are building a new infrastructure for organizing, working together, shaping an urban agenda, and uplifting our community. 
  • We sponsor serious dialogue and collective action to advance the Twin Cities’ African American community and address critical issues.
  • We work to solve community problems in a unified way, drawing many people together to speak a common language and align their efforts.
  • We bring thinkers, innovators, and doers around one table to create solutions together.
  • We encourage new, effective partnerships and collaborations. 
  • We provide a safe, positive place where people can align to get things done.
  • We make our voices heard to create the future we want.

The AALF convenings are our drivers for change. They bring together innovators, thinkers, and doers to develop solutions to support family resiliency in the black community. Join us today!     612-532-3694

Personal Care Assistant (PCA)  
Companion Services
Homemaking Assistance/Chore Services
Case Management Services
501 Dale St. St. Paul MN. 55103  #103   651-767-2198
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